Thursday, March 19, 2015

Girls on masturbation video


Dr.Ashok Koparday

लड़के  जिसे बुरी आदत कहते है उसे लड़कियां नेचुरल कहती है 


uralनतturbate.  Girls say masturbation for them is natural

Dr. Ashok Koparday's comment on 12 Reasons _ _ Woman Masturbating
Swetambara's listicle on 12 reasons is a great guilt buster for girls brought up in socio cultural upbringing where the three letter word is taboo. 13 th reason is, masturbation is the safest of all sexual practices. Governments in the developed nations are seriously considering promotion of masturbation in boys and girls. The main reason is the burden of escalating rates of unwanted pregnancies, which the government has to support and take it forward to adoption.
In the Indian context masturbation means safety from boys who break hymen, break trust and break heart with their ruthless 'use and throw' approach towards girls.

Swetambara Chaudary lists
12 Valid Reasos Why There Is Nothing Wrong With A Woman Masturbating 

Boys call masturbation as "bachpan ki galati". Boys pay for it in cash and agony

I have to reply to boys in distress who contact me over the sexual health helpline 

There is significant number of boys who believe their 'excess' masturbation  (some call it addiction, no joke, seriously) depletes their vitality causing severe weakness, back pain, body ache, pimples, loss of hair, dark rings under eyes and debility.

Their health problems are real yet never revealed to their parents, doctors or friends.
These young boys are fleeced by quacks including Babas and Bappus. Boys buy dubious products, which are called as desi dawa, ayurveda, jadi buti, tel (oils) or 'medicines without side effects'.

Boys lose money and suffer avoidable mental distress, which is severe and manifests as physical ailments like 'kamjori'.

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Girls From Delhi Were Asked About Masturbation And Here’s What They Had To Say
 Surbhii Sinha
Mar 18, 2015

Surbhii Sinha and her team have effectively presented girls
speaking about masturbation casually and candidly.

When will the boys wake up to the fact that masturbation is normal and harmless?

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